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What is Panchakarma?

Treat the cause not the effect

Panchakarma are five methods via which the excess doshas can be eliminated through our body and mind channels. Original Ayurveda texts are written in Sanskrit language and in Sanskrit Pancha means five and karma means actions or procedures in order to carry out the function of purification. So Panchakarma are five methods of purification of body and mind.

The beauty of Ayurveda is, it has taken in consideration all the details that involve with one’s life. Right from birth to delay aging. Panchakarma being one of them.

 This science explains how to tune in with nature so that we can maintain our health and not fall prey to the environmental changes. Through daily routine, rituals, dietary suggestions as per one’s body constitution and seasonal regimen Ayurveda explains us how to maintain that harmony within us and our environment. However, extreme climatic conditions, stressful situations, trauma, tempting food, travelling routine, are inevitable part of life, that impact on our physical, emotional health and consciousness by aggravating doshas and creating ‘Ama’(toxins). These aggravated doshas and ama enter the general circulation and find a place to hide, where there is low immunity or weakness. This is the basic cause of all diseases. If not taken care, over the period of time, months or years the body accumulates toxins that can cause minor or major and complex imbalances.

 Deep cleaning our tissues is required and that is Panchakarma. To eliminate the doshas through natural body openings to restore balance.

For kapha dosha it is the oral cavity – i.e. through emesis called as Vamana.

For Pitta dosha its via Purgation- called as Virechana

For Vata dosha (colon) via enema therapy- Niruha and Anuvasan Basti

For all three doshas that are aggravated in above the shoulder and in head and neck area are eliminated via Nose- Nasya therapy.

And for disorders that are due to impurities in blood are eliminated by bloodletting.

Vaman, Virechana, Basti, Nasya and Raktamokshan together are called as Panchakarma.

One therapy is done at one time depending on the person’s body type, doshic imbalance, age and season.

Each therapy has its own pre-requisites and procedure to follow in order to liquefy the doshic ama and then eliminate them. It involves certain therapies that involve different types of massages that helps to dislodge the toxins that are adhered to the tissues and steams that liquefies them and directs towards the GI tract, from there the ama is released from the body using the appropriate panchakarma technique.

These therapies are highly individualized on Ayurvedic consultation. Imbalances, Metabolism, immune system, health condition season and many other factors are taken into consideration to finalize the regimen. Depending on one’s individual needs therapies are selected. Panchakarma helps to reduce the negative effects of mind and body and restores natural health and wellness.

In today’s fast paced life it is the best to take some time off and contemplate on physical and emotional status in order to stay healthy and content.

Three Main Phases of Panchakarma

Preparatory Procedures

Poorva Karma

The first phase is Poorva karma. In this phase the body and mind are prepared with different body treatments for the cleansing. This includes various types of specialized oil massages and steam bath, external bastis, Karnapuran, Shirodhara. These treatments help to dislodge the deep-seated toxins in the body and make them ready for elimination.

Detox/Cleansing Procedure


Pancha means five and Karma means actions. There are the five cleansing treatment methods used for detoxification of the body and the physician will decide which is the most suitable. Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Nasya and Raktamokshana are the Panchakarma. Each have different Poorva karma.

Post-Therapeutic Dietetics

Pashchaath Karma

Pashchat Karma plays an important part in healing and detoxifying the mind and body. In this phase the focus is mainly on re-establishing the digestive fire by following certain dietary and lifestyle recommendations that are tailored as per the individual needs. Specially tailored diet is administered after the completion of the cleansing treatments to enhance the benefits of the Panchakarma and rejuvenation

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