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Meet Beena

Founder of Beayurvedic Wellness Center.

Founder and Director of Beayurvedic Institute 

Michigan Licensed School 

(Online School of Ayurveda)

Educational Credentials: 

M.D. Ayurvedic Medicine - Internal Medicine (Kayachikitsa)

 University of Pune, India

(Vaidyak Nishnath)​

B.A.M.S (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery)

University of Pune - India


LMT- Licensed Massage Therapist- USA

AYT (Ayurveda Yoga Therapist) - NAMA Approved- USA

Certified Clinical Nutritionist – USA

RYT- Registered Yoga Teacher- USA

NCBTMB -CE Provider

Meet Beena, classically trained Ayurvedic Physician with over 25 years of experience, seamlessly blending ancient wisdom with modern lifestyles.

Holding a master’s degree (M.D) in Ayurvedic Medicine, specializing in Kayachikitsa (Internal Medicine) and a Bachelor’s degree (B.A.M&S) from University of Pune.


Beena is founder of BeAyurvedic Center and Beayurvedic Institute, a Michigan Licensed Post-secondary School of Ayurveda.


A trailblazer in the Midwest, Beena stands as one of the few Ayurvedic Physicians offering authentic Panchakarma therapy, a transformative process fostering mind-body balance. Her holistic approach and commitment to gentle integration makes Beena a guiding force in bridging the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with the diverse health landscapes of the West.

She offers Diet and lifestyle consults, Vedic Counseling and Ayurvedic Herbs for balancing and maintaining health. She integrates Ayurvedic principles into the diverse fabric of American life and is a guiding force in Ayurveda education.

Beena teaches the ‘Ayurvedic Health Counselor Course’ for those interested in pursuing Ayurveda as a career, and many short courses on healthy living open to everyone.

She is a motivational speaker presenting Ayurvedic Wisdom.

Welcome to a transformative journey with Beena, bridging the gap between ancient healing and contemporary living.

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