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The class has been very eye opening experience and has made me and the world around me in a totally different perspective and awareness. The class has been very informative and thought provoking

Wanda Gee

After meeting and working with Vd. Beena she completely restored my confidence mentally physically and emotionally. Following her suggestions to healthy lifestyle, I was able to give up Alcohol, Coffee. I adapted better eating and sleeping habits and I developed positive view about my body and mind. My favorite treatment at Beayurvedic is the Shirodhara

Doris Elter

I am so grateful to Vd. Beena for being so instrumental for healing my mind body and soul. One of my favorite treatments is Shirodhara treatments, it helps keep you very grounded and gets you to your natural state of bliss, its am amazing gift to have. I am so grateful to be one of her students for the 'Fundamentals of Ayurveda Course'. I have enjoyed taking the course with her and I am looking forward to continue to learn.

Therese Pero

I have learned a wealth of knowledge from Vd. Beena in the line of Ayurvedic principles. My monthly visits at Beayurvedic help my body so much and I love to talk to Vd. Beena. She helps me understand things specially in times of loss. She shelled me with my perspective of life and I have learned many techniques from her yoga breath work asana at the beginning of our relationship and I pursued it on my own. Now I come here , I am rejuvenated with so many of the techniques she has at Beayurvedic, I love the Basti and Massages.

Lynne Thompson

It's definitely been a life changing experience from all the subtle details that I have learned about Ayurveda. Paying attention to your diet, exercise what you do in your daily life your environment, food you eat, its been an awakening experience for me. I have definitely gained more sense of calm, how to move through life with not necessarily  trying to find differences ways to control every situation. Everything that happens, everyhting that goes in your life really just focusing settling in details and just the way things unfold in life and there are other things in control. Its really a game changing experience for me. I definitely invite others to come and learn Ayurveda.

Andrea Martin

I have the good fortune to do body work at Beayurvedic center. Working with Vd. Beena has changed my life. I went to her as massage therapist interested in Ayurveda. I watched it helped so many people  and I feel it helping me personally. After following her advice and consultations, I have been mostly able to free myself of years of Chronic inflammation and Auto immune disorder and for the first time in 20 years I am not taking any prescription for it.

I am lucky to be a part of the fundamental of Ayurveda course. Vd.Beena’s Curriculum is rich and deep. I love working here and I love being a part of Beayurvedic community, i love what it has bought into my life.

Terri Newman

I was feeling too stressed and the signs of burn out started showing up on my body. I approached Vd. Beena and she diagnosed it as Pitta dosha and recommend Panchakarma treatment and so I underwent  two weeks of Panchakarma therapy included Massage, shirodhara and steam bath. After the two weeks I felt rejuvenated I lost almost 10 pounds and most of the 10 pounds were the toxins in my body. This was one of the best detox treatment I ever underwent. Vd. Beena has tremendous knowledge of Ayurveda and in general medicine. She is very caring and helpful. I feel lucky to have her as my first goto person for any medical issues.

Abhay Bhivare

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