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Rejuvenate at Beayurvedic

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Session includes:

1.  15 minutes of Ayur yoga session, that emphasizes on breath work 

2. 30 minutes of one External Basti - Udar basti / kati basti/ Hrid basti/ Greeva basti.

3. 90  minutes of Marmabhyanga  and Swedana (Massage and steam)

4. 30 minutes of Shirodhara session.

5.Complimentary Kichadi is served after the session.

Add ons :

Pinda Swedana: $45

Udvartana : $45

Karnapurana (Oiling the ears)- $20

Cost of Rasayana

$360 FOR MONTHLY SESSION (minimum 9 sessions required)

$400  for Single session.



The universe follows a simple cycle: things are created, they are sustained, and eventually, they are destroyed. This applies to everything, even the tiniest cells in our bodies. To ensure the next generation of cells is healthy, it's vital to clear away waste and reduce stress. That's where Rasayana Chikitsa comes in—a branch of Ayurveda focused on optimizing cell function and prolonging life.

The term "Rasa" has many meanings, like taste, essence, or alchemy, while "Ayana" refers to increasing or circulating. So, Rasayana is all about boosting and preserving the essence of life itself.

It's amazing to see how ancient Ayurvedic wisdom aligns with modern life. While the challenges may differ, the essence remains the same. Nowadays, our health suffers from factors like travel, social media, lack of sleep, and unhealthy diets. Understanding how these affect our body and mind is crucial for our well-being.

Rasayana teaches us how to live efficiently and productively. It covers the basics of life: food, lifestyle, stress management, and rejuvenating herbs that cleanse the body and boost vitality.

Ayurveda aims to maintain the health of the healthy and heal the sick. Rasayana focuses on the first part—keeping us healthy and promoting longevity.

At Beayurvedic center, we personalize therapies based on lifestyle, diet, body type, and season to ensure the best results.

Who benefits from Rasayana?

  • Those seeking nourishment, rejuvenation, and relaxation.

  • Seniors looking for a gentle way to cleanse and slow down aging.

  • People on a spiritual journey, seeking calmness of body and mind.

  • Anyone striving for emotional and physical balance and health.

  • Those not ready for intense detox procedures like Panchakarma

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