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Ayurvedic Health Counselor

Become an Ayurvedic Professional. Incorporate Ayurvedic principles in healing for healthy life.

Registration prerequisites:

  1. Completion and Passing the exam of Fundamentals of Ayurveda course (AHC- Part-1) 

  2. Application form to be completed by the Student.

  3. High school diploma (or equivalent).

  4. Verifiable four (4) credit transcript covering Anatomy and Physiology. Courses do not need to be taken at an accredited university, however, they must cover the terminology, structure, and function of the human body and include: Overview of cells, nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, digestive system, renal system, endocrine system, musculoskeletal system, immune system, reproductive system, skin, and medical terminology. Anatomy and Physiology courses can be a pre-requisite or co-requisite, allowing students to take the anatomy requirement simultaneously or at a different time than the Ayurvedic Health Counselor training.

  5. Students must have access to a computer with camera and microphone, internet connection, and the ability to join video conferences.

 Syllabus and Course details

a) Topics covered in Fundamentals of Ayurveda (AHC- Part -1)

101 – History and Fundamentals of Ayurveda
102 – Anatomy & Physiology
103 – Ayurvedic Assessment & Constitutional Analysis
104 – Introduction to Devanagari script and Ayurvedic Sanskrit Terminology 105 – Nutrition & Cooking
106 – Preventive Medicine (Swasthavritta)
FINAL EXAM – two hours – required only for students applying for AHC

b) AHC- Part- 2 

(AY 101 to 106 will be briefly revised during this course)

107 – Ayurvedic Pathology (Nidana Shastra)
108 – Science of Herbs (Dravya Guna)
109 – Ashtang Ayurveda (Integrative and complimentary knowledge)

110 - Assessment and Complimentary knowledge – 1
111 - Assessment and complimentary Knowledge – 2
112 - Subtle therapies & Vedic Psychology (Manas Shastra)

For more information on the course, call- 248-631-7271 or email: contact@beayurvedic.com 


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