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 Panchakarma at Beayurvedic

At Beayurvedic center you have the opportunity to live memorable experiences.

During the initial consultation you can share all concerns and issues regarding your health including the reasons why you decided to do a Panchakarma

After your diagnosis, Vaidya Beena Vesikar creates your individual schedule of treatments. Your progress is closely monitored by her and adjusted as needed. There is a large variety of treatments that can be applied, depending on your condition.

We tailor your schedule to include consultations, treatments, meals, decoctions, herbal juices, baths, yoga, meditation and much more.

Complete Ayurvedic assessment and eight-fold examination (Asthavidha Pariksha)

  • Daily practice of Ayur yoga, meditation and pranayama (breath practice)

  • Daily consultation with the Beena Vesikar

  • Daily  Snehana and Swedan - this includes, Marmabhyanga – pressure point massage and 

  • Shirodhara- a unique therapy that relaxes the nervous system.

  • A special therapeutic diet and herbal teas provided at the center  

  • A follow up session two weeks after the end of Panchakarma is included.

  • A personalized health and wellness plan to follow after the Panchakarma program

Learn more about the treatments on our Services page

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