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Starting January  2024


Fundamentals of Ayurveda - Online Course 

Welcome to Beayurvedic to explore the world of Ayurveda!

Beayurvedic educational courses are designed to coach an individual to live life to its fullest potential. In 2022, we are offering a six months, Ayurveda immersion program

“Fundamentals of Ayurveda”.

This course is open to anyone interested in applying Ayurveda for personal and family wellness. Learn to apply the basic Ayurvedic Principles of Nutrition, Lifestyle, Exercise, Nourishment Therapies,Physical as well as Emotional cleansing in daily life. Acquire the skills needed to conduct an Ayurvedic assessment for body type for Self, Friends, and Families which will help to develop healthy individuals and healthy communities. Join this journey and reap long term health benefits.

It is never late to begin to invest in your health!


“Fundamentals of Ayurveda” is the Level 1 certification course and is a step towards building up your future in Ayurveda to become an Ayurvedic Health Counselor (AHC)- Level 2.


What Will you learn:

6 Modules

AY 101- Fundamental concepts of Ayurveda – The Philosophies
AY 102- Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology
AY 103- Ayurvedic Assessment and Constitutional Analysis
AY 104- Classics of Ayurveda, Medical Sanskrit & Ayurvedic Sutras
AY 105- Nutrition and Learn to cook Ayurvedic way
AY 106- Svasthavrutta- Maintenance of Health with diet and lifestyle


Studying Ayurveda is spiritually fulfilling journey!


Benefits of Studying Ayurveda

Studying Ayurveda is learning the details of life. The only way to happiness and lasting wellness is being true to yourself. Ayurveda teaches us how to take this path to our true nature and opens the door to body’s natural intelligence through logical tuning steps. It is a powerful source of healing self and others.

The Study of Ayurveda appears difficult at the initial stage as you are learning a new language of your body, its nature and the surrounding. Over the time these studies become easier, and they reveal deep insights on life and your true self. It is no more a challenge to apply these principles in daily lives as now you are aware of how life works and why we suffer.


Requirements for the course

Online trainings are convenient and cost-effective way to learn. Students should have access to computers/ laptops with camera and microphone.

Fundamental of Ayurveda course has 6 modules. It is recommended to join the complete course to receive the full benefits of learning and receiving certification.  If you wish to enroll for a specific module of interest or to deepen your skills that you have previously learned, please contact our office and we will be happy to assist you.



On completion of Course

Students receive the certification of completion. Students who plan to enroll for AHC program require to pass the completion of level 1 Examination and get admitted to the AHC curriculum (Level 2) Starting September 2022

Course Fee: $3300 ($550 monthly for 6 months.)


1. One time - $3300

2. 6 monthly payments $550 – paid by postdated checks



1. One-time $3390 ($90 processing fee)

2. 6 Monthly payment by card - $ 565


Individual month attendance - $625 per month

Course Orientation:

This session is get introduced to the class etiquette and structure.

Stay tuned for the dates 

Instructor: Beena Vesikar. M.D. Ayurveda


What Will you learn

6 Modules

AY 101- Fundamentals concepts of Ayurveda – The Philosophies
AY 102- Ayurvedic Anatomy & Physiology
AY 103- Ayurvedic Assessment and Constitutional Analysis
AY 104- Classics of Ayurveda, Medical Sanskrit & Ayurvedic Sutras
AY 105- Nutrition and Learn to cook Ayurvedic way
AY 106- Svasthavrutta- Maintenance of Health with diet and lifestyle


Course Details

AY 101 – Fundamentals Concepts of Ayurveda – 20 hours

This module will offer an in-depth overview of the Shad Darshan with specific focus on “Sankhya Philosophy” and its role in explaining Ayurveda. Students will gain a basic understanding of:

Sankhya Philosophy: School of Matter and Spirit Principles and its direct application to Ayurveda

Vaisheshika Philosophy: School of Categorization

Nyaya Philosophy: School of Logic

Yoga Philosophy: School of Human Psychology

Purva Mimamsa Philosophy: School of Rituals

Vedanta Philosophy: School of Metaphysics

This module explores the 5000-year history that has contributed to the orderly development of science of Ayurveda and updates the student with the status of Ayurveda globally especially its role in healthcare industry in western countries.


AY102 – Anatomy & Physiology – 32 hours

This module forms a deeper understanding of body through the lens of Ayurveda. It focuses on the embryological development, Sense organs, Marma points, Spaces and Membranes in the human body. Detailed attention will be given to Dosha, Subdosha, Dhatu, Mala, Agni, Strotas, Prana Tejas and Ojas.


103 – Nutrition & Cooking – 20 hours

In this module, students will learn general concepts of Ayurvedic Nutrition in structuring a diet. Students will learn about qualities and actions of various grains, legumes, spices, vegetables, and greens. Student will also gain the knowledge of eating as per body type, the do’s and don’ts of nutrition, viruddha ahara.

Applicability of shad-rasa (six tastes), psycho-somatic effects of shad -rasa, over-use and / or abnormal uses of Rasas and diet for balancing Vata, Pitta and Kapha doshas.

Students will learn hands- on, practical approaches for making various meal preparation for health promotion and build up more confidence in creating balancing and healing recipes.


104 – Svasthavrutta- Maintenance of Health with Diet and Lifestyle – 20 hours

This module will discuss the basic concepts of Swastha Vritta (Ayurvedic Preventive Medicine) that emphasizes on health. The role of mind, sense organs and emotions on the health of a person will also be discussed. Additionally, the students will obtain adequate knowledge to suggest proper daily diet and lifestyle based on individual’s body type and seasons to promote health and prevent disease (Dinacharya, Ritucharya and Ratricharya). Concept of Urges that should be and should not be controlled will be introduced in this module (Vega dharana)


105 – Ayurvedic Assessment & Constitutional Analysis – 16 hours

Ayurveda concept of Prakruti (Body type) is taught in this section. Every person has a different body make up and the health depends on everyone’s approach towards maintaining this doshic balance. Knowing the Prakruti and assessment of imbalances is the focus in this module.

106 – Classics of Ayurveda, Medical Sanskrit Ayurvedic Sutras- 12 hours

This module will bring students into the basic of Sanskrit script and Ayurvedic terminology to learn Ayurvedic Medicine, its Philosophy, and concepts and is taught over the course of 6 months. A specific emphasis is given on pronunciation and Chanting Ayurvedic Verses from the original classical texts – Ashtang Hridaya and Charaka Samhita.


3 Simple steps to Register 

1.Complete Application Form

2. Pay 1st month fee of $565 by card or $550 check

3.Attend the Orientation Session

Registration Starts: 

Stay tuned to know more about the course 

For Questions Call 248-631-7271 or email:

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