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(Herbal scrub massage after whole body oil massage followed by steam)

Service Description

Udvartana is organic mixture of cooling, blood cleansing and exfoliating herbs. Massaging these herbs on the body balances Kapha and Pitta dosha and leaves the body refreshed and with glowing skin. Spring and Summer are the best time to enjoy this therapy.

Cancellation Policy

We require that all appointment cancellations be made 48 hours before the scheduled appointment. If cancellation arrangements are not made at least 48 hours before the scheduled time, a $75 charge will be invoiced as a cancellation fee. No-show appointments will be invoiced for the total appointment cost. For courses, a full refund will be issued (excluding transaction fees), if withdrawing before the first session, a 50% (excluding transaction fees) refund in the first half of the course based on the number of sessions, and no refund after the first half of the course.

Contact Details

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