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Addressing COVID-19 @ Beayurvedic

Beayurvedic Health Screening Physical Distancing Guidelines  

Health Screening for Everyone - Staff, Clients and Guests 

All members of Beayurvedic community have an ethical responsibility to report honest answers to health screening questions to prevent possible exposure to others. 

  • If you answer yes to any of these questions, call to reschedule appointment. Anyone with symptoms must stay home. 

  • Have you had a fever in the last 24 hours of 100°F or above? 

  • Do you now, or have you had in the last 14 days, any respiratory or flu symptoms, sore throat, or shortness of breath? 

  • Have you been in contact with anyone in the last 14 days who has been diagnosed with COVID- 19 or has coronavirus-type symptoms? 

  • No-contact thermometers are used for each client upon arrival 

  • Temperature readings will not be recorded

  • Temperature will be taken by the therapist for the day 

Entrance(s), Staff & Clients 

  • Currently, the only entrance to building is through the front doors into the waiting room

  • Everyone entering the building must wear a mask – staff, clients and guests 

  • Open doors using your sleeve, hip or elbow whenever possible 

  • Staff, center clients may exit through the front door only

  • Center clients are instructed to park by side door to exit next to Center 

  • We also encourage our clients to call us from the parking area before entering the building.

Physical Distancing for Staff, and Center

  • Physical distancing guidelines are observed in all areas of center

  • Physical distancing signage is found throughout the center 

  • Everyone at the center assumes responsibility of keeping a minimum of 6-feet from others 

  • Chairs in common areas are spaced a minimum of 6-feet apart 

  • Refrain from hugging and handshaking, suggested alternatives when greeting each other area wave, placing a hand over your heart, or both hands together Namaste style 

Beayurvedic Infection-Control Behaviors 

  • Beayurvedic is in full compliance with State regulations and CDC recommendations 

  • Everyone at the center must wear a face mask covering both nose and mouth at all times 

  • Gloves are used when the potential exists to come into contact with bodily fluid as when broken skin exists.  

  • Frequent hand washing up to the elbow per CDC directives required 

  • Physical distancing is practiced 

  • Utilize disinfecting wipes to self-clean touched surfaces 

  • Filing or clipping fingernails, if necessary, will only take place in the restroom over the trashcan where hands can be immediately washed 

Proper Use of Masks - PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) 

  • Donning (“putting on” mask) 

    • Have your mask within reach 

    • Wash your hands 

    • Ensure your nose and mouth are securely covered –once in place, do not touch it 

    • Ensure mask is not loose on either side

  • Doffing (“taking off” mask) only after having left the center or to eat, drink or blow nose 

    • Wash your hands 

    • Remove mask by ear straps 

    • Eat, drink, blow nose 

    • Wash hands 

    • Replace mask by ear straps, do not touch mask 

  • When possible, blow or wipe your nose in the restroom to wash your hands. Otherwise use hand sanitizer afterward. If you sneeze masks do not hold all aerosols so use a tissue to wipe your nose. Dispose of tissue and wash your hands. 

All Staff 

  • Staff, must speak up to offer guidance on physical distancing and infection- control behaviors – never turn a blind eye - if a group or line forms and begins congregating politely ask them to stay 6 feet apart for their safety 

  • All staff members facing guests should frequently make use of hand sanitizer 

Laundry Room Cleaning and Procedures 

  • Use wipes to clean touched surfaces after each use including cabinets, counter, washing machine, dryer, mop sink, doorknobs and light switch

  • Beayurvedic has a professional laundry service. 

Hand-Cleaning -Washing with soap and water is always preferable! 

  • Hand sanitizer will be located in clinic treatment rooms, clinic reception, administrative offices, administrative kitchen, student records desk, classrooms, student lounge and at front door 

  • When using hand sanitizer, use a sufficient amount to fully coat your hands and allow it to air- dry. It takes 20 seconds for alcohol-based solutions to kill viruses and bacteria. 

Being Informed 

The State requires everyone to watch the four videos at this link-

We must also be aware of the information at this link -

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