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Fundamentals of Ayurveda Online Course 

Beayurvedic Certification courses

6 months immersion in Health!

Starting January 5th 2022

Ends June 5th 2022

Registration begins - Sept 10th 2021

Learn through Basics of Ayurveda to Maintain Physical and Emotional Balance and Boost your Immune System.
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Beayurvedic Institute 

Online School of Ayurveda


Become an Ayurvedic Profressional!
Āyurvedic Health Counselor  Course
Starting January 5th 2022

Learn with us - Ayurveda- The Science of Self Healing.
16 months immersion in 'Knowing the Secrets of maintaining Health!


Beayurvedic Center

Winter  Specials

Homemade Remedies

Shilabhyanga (Hotstone massage)

Jan-Feb $145 (reg $160)

Hot stone Massage with Ayurvedic warm herbal oil and heated stones. An Amazing experience for Fall, Winter season in Michigan. It reduces body aches, relaxes the muscles reducing the stiffness and improves circulation. A whole body hot steam multiplies the benefits of massage and leaves you rejuvenated!

Wellness Consultation

Jan &Feb $145 (reg $165)

New year is the best time to invest in Health!

Physical fitness and  Mental peace is the most important wealth we can have today, especially going through the challenging time of Pandemic.

Ayurveda has a lot to offer when it comes to maintaining health.

Book your spot today and take the advantage of the specials!


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