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Beayurvedic Institute 

Online School of Ayurveda

Become an Ayurvedic Profressional!
Āyurvedic Health Counselor  Course
Starting September 2021

Learn with us - Ayurveda- The Science of Self Healing.
16 months immersion in 'Knowing the Secrets of maintaining Health!


Fundamentals of Ayurveda Course 

Beayurvedic Certification courses

Six months devotion to Health!

Course begins  September 2021

Take charge of your health and enjoy the bliss in present moment. This course is for Everyone who would like to maintain health!

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Beayurvedic Center

Summer  Specials


Panchakarma Therapy

June July & August - $ 450 discount!

Summer season is the best season to eliminate the toxins from the body and boost your immune system. Panchakarma are unique therapies of Ayurveda that are tailored as per individual needs. 6 days of  Relaxation with rejuvenating therapies, healthy and detoxifying diet and special detoxification process to eliminate the deep seated toxins.

Udvartana  followed by Steam

March and April $144 (regular $160)

Udvartana  is unique exfoliating massage focused on eliminating the toxins. It is best to receive one during spring to eliminate
ama and kapha from the body.
Reduce toxins and accumulated Kapha 
Improves circulation and energy flow
Reduces stress
Refreshing for the mind and body


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