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Beayurvedic Signature special- Rasayana (rejuvenation) therapy takes care of all aspects that influence our health, Nutrition, Lifestyle changes, Yogasana, Pranayama, Rejuvenating therapies and stress reducing techniques.

Consultation Package

Keep your lifestyle and diet balanced with a periodic consultation with Beena. These sessions help you to find your way to balance physical and emotional wellbeing and tuning your lifestyle as per seasonal demand.

Abhyanga and Swedana

With our new membership plan, enjoy the benefits of monthly Abhyanga and Swedana to maintain wellbeing. Abhyanga is an herbal oil massage known for relaxing and detoxifying the whole body.


Upcoming Courses


 health and wellbeing - Ayurvedic way

First Step: Know your Metabolism 

Regular Metabolism: A person who can eat any type of food and digest it well and has regular and good elimination without any adverse signs and symptoms falls under this category. This state is balanced and perfectly healthy state. These people have good immunity, high endurance , calm mind and good health!

 Irregular Metabolism:Is for person who has an unpredictable, irregular eating habits. Their hunger pattern changes daily as per their routine and job demands resulting in variable appetite, digestion and elimination. Even small quantity of food results in gas, bloating and constipation. They crave for spicy, fried foods and feeling of heaviness after eating.

 High Metabolism:People with high metabolism are always hungry and have a desire  for large quantity of food!Feels Shaky, agitated and cranky when hungry that is followed  with symptoms such as hyperacidity, migraines, dry mouth and throat, hypoglycemia and carvings for sweet and cold foods.

 Slow Metabolism: A person with slow metabolism takes a long time to digest food. They are good in sustaining hunger and can go long hours without food. Usually Prefer eating no breakfast and  limiting to eat  once or twice a day. Eating less food also may result in overweight, excess salivation, lethargy, sluggishness.

 Low Metabolism: This is a pathological condition in which metabolism has significantly reduced. A person may experience altered metabolism than his or her natural one. A person with this kind of appetite cannot digests little food. Even without eating there is heaviness in the stomach, nausea, congestion, weakness and fatigue. There is a strong raving for sharp dry and spicy food.



 Study Ayurveda with Beena Vesikar.

Course in Fundamentals of Ayurveda- 200 hours

Ayurveda is an age old health system that has its roots in ancient India. This science is widely acknowledged to be the world’s oldest system of health management. Ayurveda passed on from generation via oral traditions. It upholds understanding that man is miniature of universe, as it’s philosophical principle is:

“As is the macrocosm, so as the microcosm”

And it also accepts that human life has intimate relation with the surrounding nature and cosmos as whole. Ayurvedic principle focuses mainly on maintaining health first by disease prevention. It also emphasis on disease management with a unique approach of lifestyle changes, Nutritional balance, detoxification procedures and herbal supplements in order to gain the natural rhythm of the body back towards health. Its unique branch of Rejuvenation describes all the measures one can take for delaying the aging process. Anyone who is

interested in living a healthy and emotionally blissful life is a perfect candidate to take this course.

Beayurvedic Educational Program on Fundamentals of Ayurveda provides opportunity to study the above. Knowing Ayurveda helps us understand our true nature and nature of people surrounding us. It guides us on physical, emotional, spiritual, familial and social levels to fulfill our life.

Sessions Starting from March 2020

Sessions will be conducted in person and via zoom

Every Tuesday Evening

Enrollment starts December 1st 2019

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