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Fundamentals of Ayurveda Online Course 

Beayurvedic Certification courses

6 months immersion in Health!

Starting January 5th 2022

Ends June 5th 2022

Registration begins - Sept 10th 2021

Learn through Basics of Ayurveda to Maintain Physical and Emotional Balance and Boost your Immune System.
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Beayurvedic Institute 

Online School of Ayurveda


Become an Ayurvedic Profressional!
Āyurvedic Health Counselor  Course
Starting January 5th 2022

Learn with us - Ayurveda- The Science of Self Healing.
16 months immersion in 'Knowing the Secrets of maintaining Health!


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Fall  Specials

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Winter Panchakarma Therapy

Nov-Jan - $ 300 discount!

Winter season is the best time to eliminate toxin and to replenish the cells with nutrients.

Vata is the main dosha that can get easily aggravated causing many health conditions.

Panchakarma during this season helps to balance the vata dosha and nourish the body and immune system.

Panchakarma are unique therapies of Ayurveda that are tailored as per individual needs. 6 days of  Relaxation with rejuvenating therapies, healthy and detoxifying diet and special detoxification process to eliminate the deep seated toxins.

Marmabhyanga  followed by Steam

Oct- Nov  $130 (regular $145)

Ayurvedic Pressure point massage followed by steam. Marma points are energy sockets that carry life force (Prana). Relax with an ayurvedic massage with desired pressure on Marma points helps to release tension, toxins and stress from mind and body.
Benefits: Reduces pain and tension from muscles, improves circulation, releases toxins. A very relaxing and rejuvenating experience!


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