Udvartana Powder

Udvartana Powder



Ingredients: Organic Triphala, Manjistha, Musta, Anantamula, Licorice, Neem

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Product Description: Udvartana is a body scrub with organic Ayurvedic herbs which are cooling, blood cleansing and exfoliating. It leaves the skin glowing and radiant. Best for Kapha and Pitta type skin.

Suggested use: Take 1 -2 tsp of scrub add desired amount of water to make it like a paste. Apply this paste on whole body during shower in replacement for your soap. Rinse off the Udvartana powder and apply Abhyanga oil if necessary for skin that
tends to become dry quickly. For best results do not apply soap after the Udvartana. Udvartana is best used in Spring and Summer time.