Cream of Wheat with spices

Cream of Wheat with spices

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Serving Size: one half cup
Servings per container: Two

Ingredients: Cream of Wheat, Ghee, Cilantro, Crushed red pepper, Green Mango Powder, Salt, Brown Sugar

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Wheat has been a topic of discussion when it comes to healthy eating. Many are not able to digest wheat due to GMO and its
inflammatory reaction on the Gut. Cream of wheat is well roasted in ghee, the roasting makes the wheat lighter in digestion and adding ghee while roasting makes it more favorable to digestion and taste. Spices are always a great
addition for balancing the doshas and aids in digestion, stimulates the agni and gives the food a savory taste. Tridosha balancing spices Cilantro, Green Mango powder, Red Crushed Pepper, Salt, and Brown sugar makes it a perfect Breakfast or a light dinner. Add a teaspoon of ghee before serving.