Panchakarma at Beayurvedic


·       Complete Ayurvedic assessment and eight-fold examination (Asthavidha Pariksha)

·       Daily one specialty Ayurvedic Snehana and Swedan – These involve unique types of Massages

·       Marmabhyanga – pressure point massage,

·       Udvartana- dry herb scrub massage

·       Shilabhyanga – hot stone massage

·       Pinda Swedan- Massage with pollutice of herbs.

·       Pizzinchil- specialty oil massage

·       30 minutes Shirodhara- warm flow of oil the third eye.

·       One external Basti (Kati basti, Udar basti, Greeva basti) every alternate day.

·       Daily consultation to monitor the cleanse process.

·       A special therapeutic diet of kichadi and herbal teas is provided daily after the session

·       Complimentary Beayurvedic kichadi spice mix is provided to encourage healthy eating post panchakarma program.

·       A follow up session two weeks after the end of Panchakarma.

A personalized health and wellness plan to follow after the Panchakarma program