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Ayurvedic Preventive care is a powerful tool to maintain health and longevity and a peaceful emotional balance. These short courses, will guide you how to fit in Ayurvedic principles perfectly in western lifestyle.


Beayurvedic online short courses

Ayurvedic Nutrition perspective for western foodies- a course in health and wellness.

Module 1- Students who take this course will:
Learn the ABC's of Ayurveda- the five elements which make up our body and the Doshas that make each of us unique!
Why are we all different and why does the same food causes issues to one person and not the other? Learning what's prakruti (our true nature) is and how it plays an important part in defining our lifestyle and understanding the emotional make up of each person.
Why do people suffer from so many imbalances after having a very rich diet in protein and taking all vitamins?
Ayurveda categorizes all food  in the six tastes, Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Spicy and Astringent. We will be discussing the effects of these tastes on our body and mind. 
What is it different that Ayurvedic science has to offer that we are missing?
Learn how to balance these tastes in daily meals and enjoy the balance!Module 2- Basics of Ayurvedic Nutrition Part 2- Gunas, Agni, Laws of Nourishment.

Module 2-Students who take this course will:
Learn about Gunas - qualities of food and how they play an important role in maintaining the balance of the inner physiology.
Know details of Metabolism - AGNI
Ayurveda gives the utmost importance to AGNI.
Good Agni is health and impaired Agni is illness.
Learn how the gross and subtle metabolism works and  how our body gets the nourishment, is it through food or breath or emotions?
Why do we get  bloating, indigestion and constipation?
How to get started with Ayurvedic way of eating?

Each module has 30 minutes of Q&A time

Module 1 : Tuesday January 29th 2019 , 7 pm - 9 pm

Module 2: Tuesday February 12th 2019,7pm-9pm

Cost: $45 per Module , $ 90 for Module 1 and 2.

Early Bird : from Nov1st- December 31st 2018

$ 75 for both Module, $37.50 for one Module.

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Ayurveda Course- Level 1

Study Ayurveda with Beena Vesikar.

Ayurveda - A preventive and comprehensive medical system. Its main focus is to educate us on lifestyle and nutritional balance in order to maintain the harmony between doshas, Dhatus, Malas, Agnis and Gunas. Understanding how the inner physiology works helps us to be aware of subtle changes happening on our body.

These private mentoring sessions will be taught from the original textbooks of Ayurveda.

Ashtang Hirday and Charak Samhita.

Who can take this course: Anyone who is interested in diving in deep to learn Ayurvedic medicine, professionals who want to incorporate Ayurvedic fundamentals in their practice,Doctors, Nurses, personal trainers, physical therapist, holistic practitioners.

What will this course include:

Origin and History of Ayurveda,

Foundation of Ayurveda(Padartha Vijnayan),

Anatomy (Sharir Rachana)

Physiology(Sharir Kriya)

Preventive care(Swasthavrutta)

Ayurvedic Nutrition (Aahar shastra)

This course will be conducted monthly twice on alternate Wednesday.

Time: 6.30 pm-9pm.

Sessions Starting from 5th March 2019.

Email at for more information on this course!