Pre panchakarma Diet and lifestyle:

During your Panchakarma consultation you will be guided with dietary and lifestyle recommendations to start a week prior to your Panchakarma program.

These are general guidelines that help you to get the most benefits of Panchakarma.

Daily appointments and working schedule:

It is best to take a week off from work to enjoy the relaxing therapies and give yourself some time to unwind and contemplate. However, it is not necessary. Your appointments at the center are three-hour long. In order to fit those in the day time, please adjust your working schedule ahead of time.

Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9 am- 4 pm and Saturday 9am to 1 pm.

Day at home:

We encourage you to spend some time with yourself and nature. Taking some time off from social media, limiting conversations, and if possible, no television and internet surfing. This can be a huge shift in reducing stress. Taking some time for leisurely walks in nature (avoid excess sunlight), contemplating, and meditating.

Food –

Ayurveda recommends vegetarian diet for spiritual purposes and to reduce harm done to the planet. Especially during the Panchakarma time, one needs to follow a strict vegetarian diet to allow the system to rest and limit eating any high protein diet that can cause overload to the GI system. A customized diet plan will be provided during your Panchakarma consultation.

For Women: Panchakarma is contraindicated for women during the mensural cycle. Kindly keep the dates in mind while scheduling for Panchakarma. If menses occur unexpectedly, please call is to change the dates.


There are certain medical conditions for which Panchakarma is not advised.

During your Panchakarma consultation a detailed history helps us to guide you for confirming your Panchakarma therapies conditions where Panchakarma are contraindicated are listed below.

Young children below 7 years old, debilitated elderly people, pregnancy, during menstruation, Lactation, severe dehydration, chemotherapy or radiation therapy, cardiac diseases with complications, severe bleeding disorders, Hypertension, Active infectious disease, HIV or AIDS

Fee and Discounts

Basic 6-day Program: $2100

Starts on Monday through Saturday

 Optional additional services

One on One Ayuryoga session: $50 per session

Mukhabhyanga: $90

 Fall Discounts: $250

 Payment options are available.

  Please call 248-631-7271 for more information.

Travels and Housing

 Beayurvedic wellness center does not have accommodation facility. We are located just south of Orchard lake exit of 696.

On request a copy of nearby hotel accommodation will be provided.