What Is AyurYoga? 

Ashtanga Yoga practice is a step by step path designed for an individual. The goal of Yoga practice is to reach to the stage of Samadhi, where an individual enjoys a state of bliss without the ties of the mundane emotional and physical limitations. To reach up to that stage Ashtanga Yoga’s initial steps are to guide and develop an emotional and physical discipline called Yama and Niyama. The next one is to develop physical and mental strength to follow that disciplined regimen through Asana. This is the step which is practiced in the current times to achieve physical wellbeing. Control on the breath and its use in body function to elevate and heighten the physical awareness is the next step called Pranayama. taking control over the senses and moving the attention inwards is Pratyahara the fifth step.

Developing the ability to maintain steady attention on single thought and advance on that path for a sustained period are the steps of Dharana and Dhyana. The final stage where being without awareness of thought and experience joy and bliss by remaining in present is the Samadhi.

To follow through these eight steps and cultivate an ability of mind and body to reach up to Samadhi state is a long journey. These practices help to mature unique physical and mental abilities, however one can imagine that, how important it would be to have physical and mental health to walk on path of Yoga. The health comes through essential factors like nutrition, relationship with nature and its cyclic changes, tuning life style to be in harmony with the nature via adjusting food, activities, body cleansing, dependence of social impact on one’s ability to cope with events in life. Indian tradition developed a science to life to deal with these factors and achieve a joyous life experience based on individual’s physical and mental constitution, called Ayurveda.  When the knowledge of life (Ayurveda) and science of heightening awareness of physical and spiritual being(Yoga) bonds together, is termed here as AyurYoga.

AyurYoga provides a foundation of self-health awareness to Yoga followers. It educates us about our body constitution which helps us to understand what type of food, exercise, body cleansing practices and daily routine habits allows us to be in harmony and balance with our true nature. Ayurveda guides us to navigate through to decide which yogic asana and Pranayama techniques are most suitable for individual’s body and mental constitution and which one could generate imbalance in physical health. It helps us to know what food guideline to follow and what detoxification practices are needed during specific season and our body needs.

This is a very potent combination to follow and achieve Joyous health, which is the ultimate goal of every individual.

Individual Session

By appointmeNT- 60 MINUTES SESSION- $75

AyurYoga sessions are 60 minutes long and provide customize yogic postures , yogic breathing techniques and meditation practices as per ones needs.

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1.Stand with spine erect, feet together and hands beside the body.

2.Slowly bend forward, first bending the head, taking the chin towards the chest, slowly bending the trunk, relaxing the shoulders and letting the arms go limp.Place the fingers underneath the toes and bring the palms to the floor beside the feet. If this is not possible then bring the finger tips close to the floor as possible.

3. Release any tension from back and neck

4. The final asana position (sthiti) is body bend forward with head touching the knees. Hold this position depending on your comfort level. Gradually increase the time upto 2 -3 minutes.

5. Breath movement during asana- inhale at the starting position, Exhale while bending forward, slow and steady breathing in the position and Inhale returning back to starting position.

6.Contraindicated for people suffering from - serious back issues, sciatica, high blood pressure, heart disease, abdominal hernia

7. Benefits- alleviates constipation, flatulence, indigestion, improves metabolism and concentration, good for nasal and throat conditions.