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  • Abhyanga
  • Swedana
  • Marmabhyanga
  • Synch.Abhyanga
  • Udvartana
  • Shilabhyanga
  • Pinda Swedan
  • Pizzinchil
  • Mukhabhyanga
  • Shirodhara
  • Nasya
  • Kati basti
  • Hrid basti
  • Greeva Basti
  • Udar Basti
  • Netra Tarpan

Abhyanga: (ah-be-yun-guh) 60 minutes - $90

Ayurvedic massage is done according to one’s body constitution. The oils and essential oils are selected as per body and skin type, which helps to give the maximum benefit of massage and helps balancing the doshas. A luxurious warm herbal oil massage using flowing strokes to open up the channels and deeply relax the mind and body.


Mini sessions of Abhyanga:
Shiro- Greeva Abhyanga (head and neck & Face massage): 30 minutes $ 45
Prushtha- Greeva Abhyanga (neck and Back massage): 30 minutes $ 45

Abhyanga/Swedana    90 minutes - $ 115     Monthly clients- $90

(ah-be-yun-guh)(svway-duh-nah) Herbal oil massage with herbal steam bath
Abhyanga followed with a steam designed to release toxins from neck down. For your comfort, your therapist assists to keep your head and core cool.

Mini sessions of Abhyanga:
Shiro- Greeva Abhyanga (head and neck & Face massage): 30 minutes $ 45
Prushtha- Greeva Abhyanga (neck and Back massage): 30 minutes $ 45

Marmabhyanga 90 minutes (steam included) - $145

Marma are the junctions of Life force or Prana .At these junctions the arteries, veins, lymph’s and nerves enter the organ to carry nutrients. Massage to these marma points provides specific help to the seven bodily tissues (dhatus) releases pain and aches in the specific areas.


Synchronized Abhyanga 60 minutes $ 155 , with swedan - $165

Herbal oil Abhyanga performed by two skilled therapists. It helps to loosen the toxins, lubricate and protect the tissue from damage. Experience the heavenly relaxation when both sides of the body are massaged at the same time.


Udvartana ( herbal scrub, steam included) 90 minutes  $ 150
(ood-vart-uh-nuh) Lymphatic massage with herbal paste

Udvartan is an exfoliating herbal paste massaged over the body.
This powerful exfoliating treatment presses stagnant lymphatic toxins out of the body and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.


Shila Abhyanga 75 minutes (Abhyanga with hot stones)- $145

This session pampers you by Abhyanga with herbal oils and localized swedan with heated stones providing deep tissue relaxation. It stimulates the circulatory system and helps to release toxins, helps in alleviating pain and muscle spasm.

Pinda Swedan (Abhyanga with heated poultice)- 160

The whole body is initially massaged with herbal oil selected according to one’s body constitution. Followed by scrubbing by boluses (prepared from rice and herbs cooked in milk) over the entire body using specific strokes. These boluses are dipped in warm herbal decoction and scrubbed over the body for a certain period. 

Pizzinchil (steam included) 90 minutes - $150

Exceptional Ayurvedic massage with herbal oil as per body constitution. Herbal oil is poured on the body in a continuous stream while being gently massaged by the therapist, Toning, strengthening and deeply rejuvenating the whole body.

Mukha Abhyanga 60 minutes - $ 90

Ayurvedic deep cleansing and nourishing face massage for all dosha types followed by therapeutic steam with herbal poultice and Ayurvedic scrub and pack with blood cleansing organic herbs. Most rejuvenating and relaxing experience! All natural edible products and organic herbs offer a very refreshing experience.

Shirodhara – 45 minutes - $ 100 : A blessing of Ayurveda

It is the continuous warm oil/herbal decoction/herbal milk/herbal buttermilk flow gently poured onto the forehead for an extended period of time. Shirodhara is beneficial for everyone. It calms mind and relaxes the entire physiology. It eases head, neck, eyes, ears nose and nervous system. It helps overcome stress and its ill effects on the nervous system. It gives great mental relaxation, strengths the vital organs the heart and the brain.

Shirobhyaga nasya (nasal drop therapy) – 45 minutes - $90

Nasal administration of herbal oils/ ghee is called Nasya. It helps to eliminate toxins from sinus, throat, nose and head region. These therapy beings with gentle face and neck marma massage followed by steam with herbs. Herbal oil nasya helps to eliminate the toxins. It benefits in mood and depression disorders, sinus congestion allergies and eliminating head and neck disorders, fatigue, tensions, sleep disorders and chronic headaches.

Kati basti: 45 minutes $70

This session involves a dough ring in which warm herbal oil is poured on the lower back followed by lower back massage. This therapy is effective in reducing pain, improving circulation and relaxing the lower back muscles and nerves.

Hrid basti 45 minutes $70

This session involves a dough ring in which warm herbal oil is poured on the heart area followed by local massage It relieves deep-seated sadness and anger. Open your heart and let the stress melt away.

Greeva Basti 45 minutes $70

Oil pool is done on Upper back and neck area. This therapy helps to loosen and relax upper back and neck muscles followed by upper back and neck massage.

Udar basti 45 minutes $70

This session involves a dough ring in which warm herbal oil is poured on the abdominal area followed by abdominal massage Warm oil acts on the solar plexus and balances the digestive fire and releases deep seated emotions.

Netra Tarpan 45 minutes $90

A dough ring is formed around the eyes. Ghee is introduced in the dough ring. This therapy relaxes restores, soothes nourishes and hydrates the eyes. This therapy ends with brief face massage.

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